How to design an open floor plan kitchen in old house

open floor plan kitchen

Designing an open floor plan kitchen in an old house can be a daunting task. It requires careful planning and consideration of the existing space, as well as the overall look and feel of the room.

Living in the countryside means freedom in many ways, including the layout of the house. And if in the apartment there is often not enough space in the kitchen, and the shape of the room limits the possibilities, here you can not fight for every square meter and arrange the space for your own needs. In this article, we understand how to properly plan the kitchen in a private home and show photos of successful solutions.

Choosing a place for the kitchen

Unlike a city apartment, the cooking area in a private home can be any size and shape. To properly plan its location, you need to take into account the following.

  • The total area of the structure.
  • Features of the architecture.
  • Location of communications.
  • Your lifestyle – this determines what kind of furniture and appliances will be needed.

Use the main trump card of the country house – large windows. They will give a sufficient amount of natural light and connect the interior and exterior, especially if the glazing is panoramic. In this case, it is important on which side of the world they will overlook. For the kitchen is considered optimal north or east side, so that the room, which is already hot, is not heated too much, and the bright light does not hurt your eyes, especially if the window will be located near the sink. Avoid the opposite effect – too little natural light – will help multi-level artificial lighting system.

If the house is inhabited by 1-2 people, or the room is used exclusively for cooking, and the dining room is moved into the living room, it is possible to arrange it under the stairs, making the passage and saving space for other functional areas. The main thing is that the room should be wide enough to accommodate a headset. 

And if you like to get together with a large group, arrange a barbecue or just dine outdoors, arrange the kitchen area so that it was convenient to walk out of it into the yard.

open floor plan kitchen

Deciding on a kitchen layout in a private home

Consider the basic options for how you can place furniture and appliances in the cooking area.


In a single-row scheme, the headset and appliances are located along one wall. This option is suitable if the room is long and narrow and the second row of furniture simply does not fit, or vice versa – you have a spacious square room that needs to be divided into several zones.

In a linear arrangement, the set, as a rule, is made neutral and as invisible as possible, in some cases – in the tone of the finishing, so that the furniture almost merges with the wall and does not distract attention. 


Angular arrangement is considered optimal, as it allows you to organize a classic working triangle, as well as suitable for any area. It is this layout that can be found in small country houses or townhouses.

To unload the space, the upper cabinets can be made on one side, and on the other side place shelves or do not need the second tier at all, especially if the room has a large window. In order not to lose storage space, the upper cabinets on one side can be made to the ceiling, adding mezzanine, where it is convenient to store non-essential crockery, food supplies and rarely used appliances.

The end can be equipped with a small table or bar for snacks.


The most functional in terms of storage space arrangement of furniture. Just like the previous one, this layout allows you to organize a bunch of sink, refrigerator and stove according to all the rules of ergonomics. 

This arrangement is rarely used in large areas, because during cooking you need to reach all three sides, and it is more convenient to do in a small room. 


A large and beautiful island is something that many owners of a city apartment can only dream of. In a private home, however, you can make enough space for this spectacular detail.

The set itself can be arranged according to any scheme, the island is placed either in the center of the room, or use it to visually separate cooking, eating and resting areas. The island itself can be used as a work surface, breakfast table or additional storage system.


In this arrangement, the parts of the set are placed opposite each other. This is a popular layout for a walk-through kitchen in a private home, as well as for a room with large windows. In the second case, the upper tier can be made only on one wall.

If the area allows, in the center you can place an island with a work surface or a small dining group, but in this arrangement often the table is moved beyond the cooking area.

Planning a working triangle

Sink, stove, refrigerator – three mandatory elements of any kitchen composition. Most layouts assume their placement according to the principle of a triangle, where the elements are located in its corners (sometimes – two on the same plane and the third in the top). It is believed that the distance between them should not be more than 270 cm, otherwise it will be inconvenient to reach them.In any case, regardless of the location of the set itself, these three objects should be placed, following the logic and comfort of the owners. So, next to the refrigerator should be a place where it will be possible to lay out the products, the stove is desirable to place next, so as not to run between them across the room. 

When planning the kitchen in a private home with a window, the sink can be placed near it. So you can wash dishes and admire nature, and the work surface on the sides of the sink will be well lit not only by artificial light, but also by natural light. The countertop in this case can be on the same or on different levels with the window sill.If you use a dishwasher, provide a storage system for dishes so that it is within walking distance.

Choosing a headset

Kitchen furniture for a country building is selected on the same principles as in the apartment.

If the area is small, choose a light set with smooth fronts, and the upper cabinets can be replaced with shelves or make transparent glass doors.

For a classic homestead or rustic house, a noble set made of wood will do.

If the interior is decorated in a modern or Scandinavian style, pay attention to simple models made of MDF or chipboard.

For the room in the style of high-tech or minimalism will do single-colored fronts without handles, which will not only store dishes, but also hide built-in appliances.

You can organize additional storage space with a floor-to-ceiling mezzanine set.

The color scheme also depends on the overall style and size of the room. Classic win-win options are white and beige. For austere modern design – gray, black, metallic. Adding brightness to the room is possible with the colored fronts. Pastel colors and deep “edible” shades look beautiful: from raspberry to eggplant.

Distribute the zones

The dining group is most often taken into the living room or into the general open space. In the kitchen area in that case you can refuse the table in general or organize a small space for breakfast and snacks: a table, a bar or use an island for this purpose.

If the kitchen, living room and dining room are combined into one room, you need to think about zoning. The classic option is to separate the corner for cooking with an island. Also visually separate parts of the room can be the dining group itself, especially if it will be a long rectangular table. You can accentuate this boundary with pendant lights over the dining group. 

Another way that does not overload the space is different finishes. For example, tile or stone in the work area and wood in the living room. This is not only spectacular, but also practical: the kitchen should have a reliable and unpretentious finish, as it is a place that gets dirty quickly.