How to warm up a room decor

room decor

Each season can bring unusual emotions and experiences, bringing changes to the way of life and leaving its mark on the home environment. Winter is considered a great option for making changes in the interior, creating a cozy atmosphere with the help of decor and light accents. Let’s reset. What techniques will be relevant this winter? What to use? How to refresh the interior without repairing with minimum expenses?

We decided to combine tips from designers and are happy to share useful information.

Use light shades

What colors in the interior will refresh the room? Because of the overcast weather and rather scattered light, bright colors will be dull, muted colors will become darker and deeper. In winter, people spend a lot of time in artificial light, which significantly distorts color perception. Light from an ordinary incandescent bulb will add yellowing, and fluorescent will work with the opposite effect. With the second solution, cool colors will gain brightness and warm colors will be faded. A halogen bulb is the least likely to distort the colors, coming as close to naturalness as possible. Choose lighter tones to enlarge the space. This can include shades of low intensity.

A properly composed interior gives a light and cheerful impression. Shades of light have a great combination, tones and halftones. The light range of colors is perfect for any style of the room, giving it a newness and freshness, changing it as needed. Light shades look neat and unobtrusive, giving relaxation and rest, unobtrusively bringing comfort, hiding uneven and rough surfaces.

It is a wonderful creative space. Apply light colors on the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture, décor elements. They allow you to maintain an optimal temperature in the house. In the daytime heat they extinguish the excess sun rays, and during cool evenings they do not take away heat. The palette of light colors is so diverse that everyone can choose their favorite.

room decor

Add wood elements and greenery

A green space in the home creates beauty and comfort. How to decorate a room beautifully? Apply natural decor elements to a winter interior. Assemble interesting compositions from cones, twigs, stones, flowers. Do not forget birch logs, wood boxes, wicker baskets, dried herbs and stabilized moss. If the rhythm of life does not allow you to spend much time on greenery, get some proven unpretentious “green friends”. Succulents are always at the top of the lazy florist’s brochure.

Evaluate the scale of the room and its style direction. Greens smooth out corners and empty spaces. It is not necessary to make a small apartment impenetrable jungle, forcing the space with large floor plants. Correctly placed accents will attract attention to a particular element of the interior, refreshing the space and pleasing to the eye. An important element is considered the selection of pots, planters to match the overall entourage of the room.

Play with textiles and textures

There is not always the possibility of global games with color. Transform the space with a variety of textile finds. Wool, sheepskin and fur will add coziness one hundred percent to any interior in the cold. Adding a blanket with a decorative lining, a colorful bedspread, an accent pillow, a plaid will help warm the home and the soul. Render the space with bright details, but there shouldn’t be too many of them. Replace the curtains with thicker and softer ones.

Clear the space of unnecessary things

To get rid of discouragement, throw out everything old, broken, chipped and ugly. Examine the composition of unnecessary items. It is likely that unnecessary items can be given to collection points, friends or acquaintances. Ideally, only those things that you actually use from the word “useful”, that add positive attitude and inspiration should remain in your home. You need to get in the mood for cleaning things out, and there’s a great tiphack for that. Imagine that you are moving to another apartment and another city in a month. You obviously do not want to carry all the junk with you. Look at the items through this prism, and it will be much easier to part with what you do not need. The smaller the room, the fewer items should be in it.

Add extra light

Human biorhythms are directly dependent on light. Weak lighting will cause fatigue, reduce productivity and attitude, provoke migraine attacks and insomnia. The brightness of the lighting should be comfortable for the eyes. Winter is considered a good time to buy a light fixture. Especially good models with dimmer, capable of adjusting the power of the flow of light.

Sconces, floor lamps and table lamps with diffusing light would be an excellent preference. Cold light with an added blue spectrum and white give a feeling of liveliness and concentration. Warm artificial light, reminiscent of the evening sun, helps to relax. Invigorating white light would be perfect for the workplace. In the bedroom, living room warm sources that can help to recover from a hard day, adjusting the nervous system for a harmonious sleep are appropriate.

Decorative lighting can enliven any room. Garlands are considered a universal solution for year-round atmospheric lighting. In winter, choose products with a warm yellow light, give up the mode of active flashing. You can try to let “live” lighting into the room in the form of candles or biofires. In place of another light fixture, purchase a mirror. Place it in front of the device, and the light in the room will be more, visually expanding the space. Select an additional source of lighting, based on your individual preferences and capabilities.