What is a split floor plan

split floor plan

Regardless of whether you buy an apartment with a free layout or with already built partitions, you have to decide how the living space should be organized so that it remains comfortable for the occupants. Properly chosen planning allows you to use every square meter of living space to their advantage.

Traditional layout of the apartment – a win-win situation for a family with children

The traditional layout of the apartment is isolated in every room. As a rule, the largest of them is used as a living room. Smaller rooms are used as bedrooms. The kitchen is also isolated from the rest of the apartment. The peculiarity of the traditional layout is that the rooms are not passable, and each has its own separate entrance.

This layout is relevant for a large family, as here the parents and children have a private, closed space. Isolation of the kitchen from the living room – a positive point in terms of safety and comfort, especially during active children’s games and recreation in the common room.

The main advantage of the classic layout for a large family is comfort. Here each resident will be able to seclude themselves in their room, regardless of what the others are doing. In such an apartment it is convenient to live people with different interests, needs, sleep patterns, etc.

A one-room apartment with a classic layout is not such a comfortable option for a family with a child. But depending on the size of the room, the location of windows, you can not only zone it, but also erect a partition, thereby separating personal space for parents and child. Therefore, if you are interested in a small studio apartment in a new building, in which you are going to live with the whole family, make sure that it is possible to allocate a zone for everyone, to make a redevelopment. 

Studio apartment – the best option for young couples and single tenants

A studio apartment is a dwelling in which the kitchen and living space are not separated by interior partitions. The apartment becomes much more spacious, lighter and open. Separated from the common living space is only the bathroom.

The studio is appropriate if it is lived by one person or couple. This is due to the fact that in such an apartment there is virtually no space for privacy. In it you are always in a common living space.

Depending on the number of occupants, the layout of the studio apartment is based on certain principles.

A studio for a couple

Here you can not do without a well-thought-out zoning. You have to allocate separate zones so that, doing their business, the occupants do not interfere with each other. In this case, local lighting, screens, sliding and fixed partitions will be useful.

Position the bed as far away from the kitchen area as possible. This way the noise of cooking will be less of a nuisance to the person who is resting. In addition, you have to allocate an area for receiving guests and a workplace. Separate the desk with a computer from the seating area with a rack or a screen. 

The layout of a studio apartment for a couple should look approximately as follows: the kitchen borders the dining room, then comes the work area, behind it – a place to rest and store things.

A studio apartment for one tenant

If the entire apartment is at the disposal of one person, zoning can be given less attention. Here it is not necessary to separate the recreation zone from the workplace. In this case, the space can be divided only visually, using in each area a different decoration and individual lighting, and the layout can be left as open as possible.

Emphasize the spaciousness of the room, abandoning the partitions and shelving. After all, living alone, you don’t need special areas in the apartment for privacy. 

Smart-apartment – an economic option for connoisseurs of rationality

If practicality of living space is a priority for you, then the compact smart apartment is a suitable option. Here the emphasis is on ergonomics and functionality of the living space.

Such housing is a studio apartment of 20-30 square meters. It has a small but full-featured kitchen, places for rest, work and entertaining.

Developers create a layout of such apartments for specific categories of tenants: for one person or couple. Sometimes there are even provisions for a child. To ensure that the apartment meets your needs, choose housing with a layout designed specifically for you. 

Such apartments are practical, functional, profitable to buy and throughout the life of the apartment. But the options when creating interior design are limited because of the compactness.

split floor plan

Adjoining layout – a universal option

This is a compromise between comfort and rationality. Such an apartment has isolated rooms (bedrooms), and the rest of the living space remains open, passable. The living room and kitchen in this apartment can be combined into a studio. It necessarily has separate rooms for tenants, due to which housing with studio layout is relevant not only to independent young people, couples or elderly categories of citizens, but also families with children and parents.

Such a layout is used as in the usual two- and three-bedroom apartments, as well as in spacious apartments, with an area of a hundred square meters. In addition, you can apply it to a one-bedroom apartment, combining the kitchen with the living room and separating a little space for a separate room: a bedroom or child’s room.

The presence of a walk-through room, combining the living room with the kitchen opens up the possibility for you to implement bold and unconventional design ideas. Even the fairly familiar method – the construction of a bar between the kitchen and living room – makes the layout interesting, stylish and comfortable.

A rational ratio of residential and nonresidential space – the key to the comfort of the layout. Based on this rule, draw conclusions. Avoid crowded isolated kitchens. Even one occupant would be uncomfortable here. Such a kitchen should be combined with the living room. Do not use as a corridor and hallway a lot of space. It will be practically useless. Optimally divide the remaining space between the tenants. Each of them should have their own personal space, regardless of whether there are separate rooms in the apartment, or not. By analyzing the composition of the family and the needs of the tenants, you can buy an apartment with a layout that is perfect for you.