How to decor entrance of the house

decor entrance

When decorating a cottage, one often forgets about the space next to the door. A beautifully decorated entrance to a private house creates a pleasant impression of the owners. The design of the area does not fall out of the general stylistics of the landscape and is coordinated with the exterior of the building. To ensure that the decor of the porch does not get bored, there are methods of changing the decorations for different times of the year.

Ideas for beautiful decoration of the entrance area

If the house is decorated modestly, the main attention should be shifted to the entrance. Lacquered or matte surface of the door quickly gets boring, so to accentuate use decorations nearby. Correctly chosen composition will allow you to get a memorable design from simple items.

For the spring period

After the snow melts, live plants are used to decorate the entrance to the house. Primroses blossom petals long before the appearance of lush greenery in the garden and grass on the lawn. Bulbous species will create a spring mood on the site. The variety of varieties will provide a bright landscape design.

Delicate tulips and daffodils are planted in tall tubs, placed on either side of the door. The simple composition emphasizes the beauty of the porch and looks stylish. Medium-sized pots designers advise to install on the steps of the stairs and along the perimeter of the terrace (veranda). Plants like bright sun, so in the shadow will not bloom.

Hyacinths are often used to decorate the entrance to the house. Low bulbous species are planted in flower beds next to the cottage and in the flower bed. Because of the variety of varieties, it is not necessary to combine with other plants. Decorations are collected by the form of panicles and by color. Decorative “islands” of blue and pink shades look gorgeous. Deep lilac is combined with white and deep blue.

Hyacinths are not capricious in pots. Flowers are planted in wicker baskets, which are placed at the edge of the stairs. If the entrance to a private house does not have a canopy, the decor is placed next to the door. Bright fluffy brooms can be planted in old rubber boots and moved to the right area. To ensure that the appearance of shoes does not ruin the composition, designers recommend applying acrylic drawings on the surface.

The path and the area of the stairs in front of the entrance to the house are decorated with crocuses. The mottled variety Speziosi should be combined with monochrome species – golden Biflori and yellow Flavie. If you need to add romantic notes to the landscape design, then use:

  • Snowy Albus;
  • Lavender Pallux;
  • Soft blue Cassiopeia.

Low-growing crocuses look gorgeous in hanging containers. Pots are hung under the roof of the terrace, alternating different shades. Long narrow vases with flowers are mounted on the railing. If the entrance of the house without a projecting canopy, around the door small planters are appropriate. 

Coordinate the decor in the composition of the landscape design will help mat. The woven surfaces of containers for plants are in harmony with the corrugation of the mats. Elements with high pile complement the inscription with the original font. The gloomy rubber palace should be painted with acrylic paints. The shades echo the tones of the flowering plants. 

decor entrance

For summer

With the onset of warmth, more solutions are suitable for decorating the area near the entrance of the house. A table is set up in the covered terrace, around which a cushioned nook or armchairs are placed.

Look original interior items made of rattan or wire. To balance the space of the veranda, the elements are distributed on both sides of the door. 

It is easy to create a beautiful entrance to the house with the help of mobile flowerbeds. Elegantly looks an old bicycle, rebuilt as a flower bed. For a rustic landscape design, a compact cart will do. The composition can easily be moved to either side of the stairs or rolled to the path.

Petunias are undemanding to care for, so they will withstand growing in small vases near the entrance or in a mobile bed. Lemon Queen and Gilbert Stein are original to the plant. Delicate pansies designers recommend installing on the sides of the stairs or hanging on a cachet under the visor.

If you need to emphasize the beauty of the porch, use large vases. Containers of flowers are placed on both sides of the entrance to a private home. Modesty of decorative-leaved plants compensate for the bright patterns on ceramics. In huge monotonous pots it is worth growing:

  • Ampelina begonia;
  • Zinia;
  • Heliotrope.

To decorate the entrance area use wicker plants. Beautiful maiden grape will help to create a living archway over the door. Culture in the summer pleases with green foliage, which by the fall acquires a fiery red color. Form a canopy will turn out of luxurious wisteria or delicate clematis. 

If the entrance area is sunny, succulents act as summer decor. Pots with cacti and Haworthias give the landscape design a Mexican touch. Pots are combined with ceramic details (old dishes), and the voids are filled with small pebbles. Miniature varieties are collected in a flat container and complemented with stones. 

In summer, the entrance to a private house is decorated with wreaths. To keep the plants alive, floral sponge is used instead of a base. For dry decorations, willow branches or a bundle of straw are taken. Phyzalis lanterns, cones and fragrant herbs look beautiful on the door. The composition is completed with lace and satin ribbons. 

For Fall

Designers suggest decorating the entrance area of a private house in the tone of the season. Next to the porch, pumpkins of original shape look beautiful. To emphasize the unusual decor, combine colors (orange, gray, white) and sizes. Vegetables are installed near the door and on the sides of the stairs. Miniature species can be hung on cords instead of cachepots.

In the autumn, the entrance to the private house is decorated with dried flowers. Large vases with bright leaves and berries bring romantic notes into the design. Effectively look bouquets with maple fig and rowan elements. Decorations in containers are combined with late flowers and fresh apples. 

Bring to the landscape design of the country house notes of country will help dried plant stems. The unpretentious carelessness of the cornstalk emphasizes the elegance of the door. The element looks beautiful on both sides of the porch. A decor of bunches of hay of cereal species will create a romantic mood.

Garlands will fit harmoniously into the decoration of the entrance area. Tinsel hangs around the door and cover the perimeter of the visor. Elements braid supports of the porch, balusters and staircase railings. Lush vistas of foliage add an autumnal touch to the landscape design. Decorations are complemented by lighting, which in the evening pleasantly illuminates the space. 

Japanese lanterns are used to decorate the entrance to the private house. Bright elements in color echo the foliage of the garden. In late autumn, luminous balls will add home comfort to the space next to the door. The decor is mounted under the roof of the canopy and hanging from the railing. Large versions are installed on the sides of the stairs.

Plants will help to emphasize the beauty of the entrance to the house. Bouquets or live species in vases will be a bright spot of landscape design. Multicolored American asters are combined with elegant varieties of Duchesse and Ostrich feather. In small pots, Octobrene with miniature buds look beautiful. In late fall, chrysanthemums are placed near the door and around the perimeter of the stairs.

Wreaths will be a bright decoration of the autumn landscape. Beautiful dried flowers and branches, spikelets and grasses are used to create them. The composition with nuts and cones designers advise to complement the pheasant feathers and a satin bow. The elements with textured foliage and boxes of physalis look luxurious. Miniature pumpkins will bring a rustic charm to the strict floral combination.

For Winter

Beautiful decoration of the entrance to the house does not have to be used only for the holidays. Proper decoration of the porch area will lift your spirits and get rid of winter depression. Lack of sunlight is compensated for by garlands. Decorations hang around the perimeter of the door and on the visor. Small lights will emphasize the original shape of the opening and help to cope with the lock at dusk. 

Floral compositions can easily be replaced by decorative lights. Devices are appropriate to install on the sides of the stairs or fix on the perimeter of the balustrade. Two large elements are placed on either side of the door. Classic retro lanterns will bring a sense of antiquity to the design.

Decor in the form of animals, snowmen and geometric shapes are suitable for modern styles:

  • Squares;
  • Spheres;
  • Cones.

An original composition near the entrance to the house will help make a cut branches. Blanks are painted with water-emulsion paint and put in the form of bouquets in tall vases. Bright decorations are fixed on the elements. Red rowan berries are harmoniously combined with nuts, cones. On the “tree” designers advise to hang satin ribbons and woven miniature baskets. The bouquet adds lush hues and does not stand out from the natural snow-covered landscape. 

Wire figures (volumetric, flat) of snowmen, reindeer and bunnies will be an original decoration of the entrance area. On both sides of the door are placed large specimens, small ones – on the stairs and on the railing. On the visor, snowflakes, stars or birds are suspended on a cord. Decorations should not clutter the space of the porch and interfere with the movement of people.

Artificial plants will bring a warm note to the winter landscape. Near the entrance to the private house, designers recommend placing azaleas with several branches or with a twisted trunk. Versions with apples or ficuses with a motley coloring look original. A bamboo branch specimen can be placed in a tall pot. Tapered boxwood and cypress visually do not differ from the real thing.

Winter wreaths on the door will dramatically transform the bored exterior. The basis is woven from flexible branches assembled in a circle. As a decorator use cones, acorns and artificial leaves. Dried citrus slices and rowan trees will be a noticeable accent. Decorations in the form of a nest with birds and imitation apples look original. The fine lace on the craftwork resembles frosting.

Beautifully decorated entrance to the private house will be a noticeable element of the exterior. Decorative compositions are harmoniously woven into the landscape design and easily changed at will by the owners of the cottage. With the help of decorations you can emphasize the beauty, originality of the shape of the door or hide defects.