Basic home plans

Basic home plans

The design of the house is based on the application of building and layout standards. Each of the family members in the house at the same time should be able to do their business without disturbing anyone. This means that each occupant needs his own corner – a separate room. That is why it is so important to plan the house at the stage of its design, it is necessary in advance to allocate personal space for each family member.

With the right layout of the house, visitors come straight into the living room, and then do not wander around the house in search of a toilet.

Features of the layout in the design

To make the new house cozy, comfortable and economical, it is necessary to properly compose its layout, taking into account both the overall dimensions and the area of each room. When planning the house, it is necessary to adhere to standard rules, the first of which is zoning the total area into two parts: economic and living.

In turn, the living area is divided into evening and daytime zones, and then they are divided into rooms for guests, children and adults.

The day area shall include:

  • vestibule;
  • hallway;
  • hallway;
  • living room;
  • dining room;
  • veranda or terrace;
  • toilet.

Checkrooms, bedrooms and extended bathrooms belong to the evening rooms.

The utility area includes the kitchen, garage, pantry, workshop, boiler room, and laundry room.

The photo below shows the proper zoning of the space in the house: on the right are the living room, kitchen and dining room, with the rooms not separated by partitions. On the left are the three bedrooms the bathroom.

In the design and layout of the house also think about:

  • the size and shape of the home;
  • the number and location of doors;
  • number of floors;
  • the material of which the dwelling will be built;
  • presence of a boiler room, a garage attached to the house;
  • device of bathrooms: in a multistory cottage, they are sometimes located on each floor;
  • number and size of windows;
  • combination of a kitchen, dining room and living room;
  • the presence of passageway rooms.

If you want to build a large house, so that all the rooms in it were useful and constantly used, you can think about the availability of a winter garden, gym, billiard room, swimming pool.

When planning the number and location of windows, illumination is taken into account. Depending on the position of the sun, designed living rooms, living room.

The project for the construction of the house should take into account the view from the windows. A beautiful landscape, is preferable for living rooms. Household, non-residential areas are equipped in places where the view from the window is not important.

Fashionable trend – arrangement of attic, open or closed terrace, veranda. If you decide to do the latter open, they must be located on the sunny side, in a sector protected from the wind. The location of the outdoor terrace taking into account these requirements will provide a comfortable rest.

An important point is the porch of the house, so the planning should take into account the maximum convenience. Entrance is made on the south side, taking into account the wind rose. Depending on this decide on which side will be the handle and hinges of the front door.

The path to the porch should be flat and provide comfortable passage in all weathers.

Binding the project to the area

Planning the location of the house, take into account the wind rose, the state of the soil, the local landscape. Houses should be easily accessible, provide convenient location of access utilities for your vehicle, delivery of fuel, building materials, carrying out loading and unloading work.

On sandy and clay soil it is necessary to install a foundation with enhanced protection against moisture. If this is neglected, the house will dry out the walls, there will be mold and mildew. Depending on the soil structure, the allowable load on the foundation and walls is calculated, the possibility of construction of housing in several floors is estimated.

The project provides the optimal route for communications – water, gas, sewage.

The optimal area of the house

When planning a house, think in advance about the number of rooms and their placement. The size depends on the functionality. Children’s rooms, for example, do not make them large – they are cozy rooms in which a child needs to ensure a peaceful sleep and sufficient light.

Dining room should accommodate all family members at the same time – this room in the house should be second in size after the living room.

It is not desirable to make the rooms long and narrow, it’s very uncomfortable both in terms of living and in the placement of furniture.

When planning the room, it is worth thinking in advance about the arrangement of furniture. This will allow you to choose the optimal area for each room and ensure the rational use of space.

In the kitchen, you can not save money. This room is used most actively. Cooking requires enough space to do the work quietly.

Combining rooms saves space. Living rooms are fashionable to combine with the kitchen and dining room. This solution will make the room large and comfortable. In addition, there will be significant savings on materials, because you don’t have to spend money on the construction of partitions. Combine also toilet and bathroom.

Car through rooms should be used rationally, they can include living rooms and dining rooms. The less in the house will be corridors and halls, the more convenient it will be to move around. In addition, building a house with a minimum number of halls and corridors reduces the cost of living space.

Based on the number of planned rooms in the house and their area, choose the overall dimensions of the building. However, be sure to consider that if you have a small family of two or three people, you do not need to build too big a house, no matter how much you would like to. Let it be spacious, and each room is used for its intended purpose.

Rooms that are not used by the occupants do not hinder them, but take away monetary resources. First, they need to be heated every winter, and that is an unnecessary expense for utility bills. Second, when you build a house, you put money into rooms you will not use.

Free cash resources would be more rational to send for a more expensive facade finish or equip a summer recreation area on the site.

What home design to choose: one or two floors

The possibilities of modern design of residential houses make the name “one-story house” conditional. The plan of building a house can provide for equipment of a basement floor, construction of an attic. A cottage with such annexes will turn out to be three-level in a single-story house project. Mansard and basement cannot be called floors, but such premises will make a home more comfortable and increase the usable area of the house.

On the ground floor is usually equipped with a household sector, install sports equipment, take out communications. Here you can equip a boiler room and make a garage. Attic can be equipped with bedrooms and children’s rooms.

If you are not attracted to the house with additional levels, plan the rooms should take into account the effective use of space. In the house it is necessary to provide room for all family members, and the kitchen and dining room should be combined. Also do with the toilet and bathroom. Delimit the zones will help build low partitions, columns.

Two-story house built for a large family. On the second floor plan living rooms for the housemates. The first floor accommodates the living room, kitchen, and guest bedroom. If several generations live together, the older family members are assigned rooms downstairs. The bathrooms are located above each other. This facilitates supply of communications.

If there is a desire to equip an autonomous heating, the boiler room is arranged near the kitchen, in the basement or garage.

Choose which house to build, a two-story or one-story, should be based on the size of the site. If you have a large family and a small lot, it is better to give preference to a two-story construction. In such a house, you can allocate a personal room for each member of the family and at the same time save territory on the site.

If the family is small, then a one-story house, even on a small plot will be quite enough, because a two-story construction will cost much more.

Basic home plans

Balcony in a private home

Some owners of private houses with balconies almost do not use these additions. According to people, it is easier to go out into the yard or on the terrace. That is why the need for a balcony must be thought through in advance.

If there is a desire to make it, you should not build a small balcony, similar to those with which apartment buildings are equipped. A large balcony is turned into a work of art, using wrought iron or other, no less beautiful railing.

On the balcony should be enough space for comfortable rest – so you can put there a few reclining chairs or a rocking chair, a table with chairs for tea parties.